Launch of a new book by AUNOHR founder Walid Slaybi 2017-01-13


AUNOHR has organized a friendly ceremony on the new book of Dr. Walid Slaybi, the founder of the university, "Violence and Human Nature", at the administrative office in Gemmayzeh, in the presence of the university family, trustees, friends, personalities, students and professors... 
Dr. Slaybi had this book ready two years ago, and the signing ceremony was held on Friday evening, January 13, 2017, where he received the audience for three hours in a friendly and festive atmosphere. 

The book was published in a special output and artistic format: a book in five booklets, wrapped in a bar with quotes from the author, combining its contents with a common theme on the options of violence, nonviolence, and philosophical concepts with new etymology, written in an accessible style, easy to read in a short time by everyone. 

Topics include:
*Violence and human nature 
*Forces of life and Forces of death
*Wars by Civilians
*Yes to Resistance and No to Violence (2nd Edition; the 1st in 2005)
*Transversal nonviolent liberation 

The book is available at AUNOHR library and administration office.