Naseer Shamma in AUNOHR International Council of Friends 2017-01-20

The Iraqi international artist Naseer Shamma joined the Council of Friends at AUNOHR after a series of meetings held in Beirut, including a congratulation gathering for his nomination as the “Ambassador of the Non-violence Project Foundation (NVP)” - Sweden Office, at a ceremony in October 2016. NVP is principally in partnership with AUNOHR in more than one area.

Mr. Shamma was welcomed at AUNOHR Council of Friends in January 2017 by a special initiative of the University Board consequent to the assurance of the Iraqi artist Naseer Shamma on the priority for the culture of non-violence and the pioneering importance of AUNOHR in this field in the Arab region.

AUNOHR Board congratulated Mr. Shamma on his creative career and social commitment that culminated with his non-violent option. Late 2016 and early 2017, the Board held with Mr. Shamma several meetings in Beirut with the participation of the AUNOHR Vice President Dr. Abdul Hussain Shaban, the Iraqi intellectual.

An initial agreement was concluded, that resulted in a practical initiative thru which Mr. Shamma referred a group of Iraqi intellectuals to study at AUNOHR then formed the "The Iraqi non-violence team", the mission of whom is the dissemination of the non-violence culture throughout Iraq.