Donation & Support

You give but little when you give
of your possessions. It is when you
give of yourself that you truly give.

Gibran Kahlil Gibran. The Prophet


Much appreciation to everyone who donated and to potential donors to the Academic University college for Non-violence and Human Rights - AUNOHR.

Some individuals believe and support a pioneering idea, before it crystallizes into an institution, before it becomes a magnet for those who wish to become donors. That was the ‘trigger’ to donating to AUNOHR.
It began with the idea of a limited number of individuals and organizations that took the initiative to support the first phases of creation of AUNOHR, considered a serious and pioneering alternative to the growing violence. Consequently, AUNOHR received its first financial support which it considered a 'partnership'.

What is the meaning of donating to a nascent university still not known enough to attract donations, whose majors and professional benefits are still unknown with a new unprecedented field of specializations in higher education?
The meaning resides in partnership, a partnership of conscience.

AUNOHR is a local university covering the entire Arab world. It is fortunate to have forged friendships with generous benefactors with prominent roles in society: philosophers, Nobel Peace laureates, activists, international specialists, artists and authors from the four corners of the world.

Your donation includes you in this extended family. He/She who donates, does not only donate to the university, but also gives hope and confidence to the students. Thus, they feel surrounded by generosity and understand that they are not alone in this new venture. As one of the senior supporters said: “It is I who thank you…


Movie on “Mr. Musa Freiji’s donation”


Profound appreciation and gratitude to those who financially contributed to the first launching of AUNOHR,

Norwegian Human Rights Program in Lebanon
Mr. Musa Freiji – Lebanon
PAX Christi – The Netherlands
Swiss Human Rights Program in Lebanon
Board of trustees
Lebanese Association for Civil Rights (LACR)
Founder Walid Slaybi