The history of AUNOHR represents a dream and the unprecedented legacy on which it was based institutional uniqueness, intellectual legitimacy and a human existential value. With its own experience, the work of its students, expertise of its instructors / specialists and extended family, AUNOHR will be a model perpetuating this legacy.

It is the first higher education institution launched under the banner of non-violence with courses, scientific majors and university degrees created for this purpose.

The origin of AUNOHR is accredited to its founders, Walid Slaybi and Ogarit Younan, representing a synthesis of their thought, experience, struggle, writings and field achievements.
Their creative role in building modern training and education programs in the fields of non-violence, human rights, citizenship and non-sectarianism, led them to crystallize curricula and writings based on major experimental and theoretical achievements. Thus, the academic curricula and programs emerged, based on solid sociological, intellectual and educational fundamentals, while linked to the modern global and scientific legacy. This is how AUNOHR describes itself: a fruit of life.

AUNOHR was not founded to increase the number of universities… According to nonviolent thinkers describing the legitimacy of the university: “The establishment of AUNOHR is a unique addition that we have long awaited in the legacy of the nonviolent movement in the world”.

The Founders
Mission and Objectives