Jobs and Opportunities



At the professional level, AUNOHR aims to:


« I did not know that major was going to change my life. Every day opens a new door and brings in increasing revenues. I did not expect that… » ;

« The bank chose me over two other major companies to train the managers and employees in Lebanon and other Arab countries... »;

« After completing half of the study only, I was surprised to receive an increase in my training fees, an increase that I did not even ask for… » ;

« Although the youngest among my colleagues, the administration asked me to share my expertise and skills... »;

« Following my first experience in nonviolent education at my children’s school, the administration asked me to prepare a comprehensive project for implementation over a span of three years to transform their establishment into a pioneering nonviolent school...»…

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Opportunities for Social change

“We struggled everyday for we did not know there were scientific strategies that could make a 180-degrees shift in the impact of our activity...”;

“The first time we used these methodologies, everyone around us sensed the difference...”;

“In campaigns, direct actions and planning, they started asking me as a reference...”;

“One of the major objectives of the university and results of this study is the creation of a non-violent Arab nucleus that will have significant impact on our role in society and in facing violence, and we have started to feel this impact and see its results...”…
See: Students’ Testimonials

At the professional social level, AUNOHR strives to:
Prepare students, through a number of its one-of-a-kind majors in higher education, to specialize in civil work and in the methodologies and means of social change.

Our societies are in dire need of renewal and of going beyond the scattered work and experimental forms of nonviolence. They deserve well-trained activists, advocates and officials specialized in the strategies and methods of management, impact, development and creativity. These roles have also taken an inherent part of major social professions. That is why AUNOHR students specialize in the framework of:

Tools of systematic social and political analysis
• Coordinating and organizing mechanisms
• Innovating non-violent means and methods
• Organizing active groups
• Social non-violent communication
• Electronic means of communication and artistic produce of human rights
• Dynamic of grassroots movements
• Civil campaigns
• Working at the level of international human rights conventions and mechanisms

• Advocating, lobbying, negotiating and undertaking reconciliations
• Working in the framework of displacement, migration and conflict areas
• Process to guiding an institution toward an approach of justice and non-violence